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End-to-end logistics solutions that provide complete coverage for all of your distribution needs, from supplier through to the end consumer.

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Consulting and advisory solutions that demonstrate the importance of optimised supply chains and how to implement efficiency and sustainability changes.

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Take a peek at the future of logistics

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SVL acts as a third-party logistics provider, taking care of outsourced logistics services like warehouse management or freight transportation.

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Third Party Logistics

Reverse logistics brings to the fore the concept of sustainability in the logistics supply chain. For example at SVL, we introduce recycling solutions for many of our fresh-product customers.

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Reverse Logistics

Our DYNATEC—Dynamic Precision Total Environmental Control Systems— powered trucks offer precision temperature control with support for multiple temperature environments — perfect for transporting different goods with unique condition requirements in parallel (patent pending).

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Smart Vision Logistics is revolutionizing the logistics industry through extraordinary efficiency. We go above and beyond delivery and logistics management, by focusing on our customers’ needs and helping make a difference. We show how pursuing optimised and sustainable supply chains can help improve performance and deliver success.

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