Transport Management Systems (TMS)


SVL’s Transport Management System (TMS) ensures your product gets to where it’s needed in optimal condition. As your production scales and products move between manufacturers, storage, distributors and retailers, logistics can quickly get complicated and costly. SVL specializes in handling all things related to logistics, allowing producers to focus on making a great product.

What we do

Overland cargo transportation

SVL’s overland transportation networks deliver freight wherever it is needed in the shortest space of time. Our temperature-controlled logistics service caters to frozen, chilled and dry products meeting a variety of needs. We specialize in perishable food products but can handle anything — from fresh foods, to high-tech, to healthcare and medical goods — handling each with the appropriate care, exact temperature, humidity, and packaging. We guarantee it.

SVL Truck

Transportation Services

  • Optimised for frozen, chilled and dry products.
  • Temperature-controlled freight
  • Road freight tracking

Maritime cargo transportation

Ensure your cargo reaches the right place with SVL’s ocean freight transportation. We can work with container ports and carriers around the world to ensure your freight gets to its destination in the most efficient and economical way.

SVL Container

Transportation Services

  • Full and part container loads
  • Temperature-controlled freight
  • Ocean freight tracking
  • International and domestic delivery
  • Import and export customs

Air cargo transportation

For meeting fast delivery assignments, our air freight routing service provides a cost-effective solution to ensure customers are satisfied — be they domestic in Japan or located overseas.

SVL Plane

Transportation services

  • Specialist cargo handling
  • Economical and premium freight options
  • Air freight tracking
  • International and domestic delivery
  • Import and export customs

Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

SVL acts as a third-party logistics provider, taking care of outsourced logistics services like warehouse management or freight transportation. Our 3PL system allows clients to optimise their supply chain by outsourcing, relieving the pressure of fulfilment and allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

3PL services

  • Optimising supply chain for your business
  • Rely on our logistics infrastructure
  • Leverage 3PL for greater efficiency


Our DYNATEC—Dynamic Precision Total Environmental Control Systems— powered trucks offer precision temperature control with support for multiple temperature environments — perfect for transporting different goods with unique condition requirements in parallel (patent pending).

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