DYNATEC™: The Future of Precision Temperature Control in Logistics

August 18 2021

Everyone here at SVL, is proud of what we have accomplished so far in our mission to revolutionize the logistics industry. Adherence to the United Nations’ Social Development Goals (SDGs)—making the workplace a positive and zero-harassment space for everyone involved, a deep-rooted desire to please our customers and spearhead an industry which focuses on sustainability and eco-friendly policies—is the cornerstone of our organization.  

One of the ways in which SVL has optimized and increased our sustainability is through the introduction of a fleet of trucks, the newest addition being a Hino vehicle, developed with a system we coined DYNATEC™ (Dynamic Temperature and Environmental Control System). Most generic trucks used in Japan and overseas have one average temperature set which means that, in many cases, the temperature at either end of the truck is vastly different. This means that what often happens is that it becomes too cool at one end yet insufficiently cool at the other — this causes delivery problems resulting in substantial waste. 

Take the example of a truck full of cabbages and kiwi fruits that have to be kept at very different temperatures — when not carefully monitored, the result is that you end up with half-frozen kiwi and decaying cabbages. This lack of stable temperature control generates unbelievable amounts waste in the logistics infrastructure globally. 

Our DYNATEC™-powered trucks, on the other hand, offer precision temperature control with support for multiple temperature environments perfect for transporting goods with unique condition requirements. Through this we reduce waste and costs for our customers. 


None of our competitors have yet to match this service and we will continue to look for advancements in how to cut waste and costs for our loyal base of customers here in Japan and  overseas.