Behind the Scenes with SVL: Sustainability Training in Action

December 22 2022

Today we’re proud to give a glimpse behind the scenes of how we onboard our new employees with regard to sustainable logistics.

Through our Environmental Impact Solutions, we go to great lengths to explain to our clients the benefits of aligning with SDGs, adopting ESG thinking, or taking an environment-first sustainable supply chain approach. However, this ethos starts from within our own company itself, which is why we’re committed to giving our employees fundamental training to quickly bring them up to speed on not just what do but also why.

As demonstrated by our CEO, Nakazawa-san, we explain (from 0:08) the fundamental concepts that drive our business, like Reverse Logistics which promotes cost reduction and efficiency to make supply chains sustainable. We get our team members involved (from 0:28) to help keep things informal, friendly and interactive, but also test their understanding along the way. 

We touch upon global climate and CO2 issues (from 1:40) but also the reality that waste disposal is a costly business which is where SVL comes in to create win:win opportunities in net cost reduction and environmental benefit. As well as giving insights into the journey SVL has taken to get to its current position, Nakazawa-san explains our Reverse Logistics business is now going from strength to strength.

If you’d be interested in talking to SVL about how we can help explain the benefits of SDGs, ESG thinking and efficient and sustainable supply chains, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!