SVL and Japan Hackathon: Problem Solving in Global Communities

February 28 2021

Everyone at SVL puts the utmost importance on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These internationally recognized goals are the backbone of our business and as well as leading and promoting SDGs in Japan we are proud to work alongside other companies and individuals with a shared and similar outlook and vision. 

A few weeks ago our president and co-founder Glen Wood was honored to be a judge and spokesperson for SDGs and parental rights at the Japan Hackathon program. This 52-hour international event gathers designers, developers, innovators, students and entrepreneurs to solve problems faced in their respective communities by using advanced technologies. The richly deserved winner was Nigeria-based edtech team Ubuntu Hub which impressed the judging panel with a blockchain-based learning network which helps give offline access to online education in a near real-time manner. 

The two runners-up, second place Miraculous AI and third place Nadi Surya, also displayed great amounts of innovation and nous. Japan Hackathon involved a total of 12 teams with a focus on Sustainable Development Goals, efficiency and a societal and ethical philosophy. Some of the pitches included solutions ranging from better vaccination and vaccine tracking to fire-fighting robots, appropriate social distancing layout for kids playrooms and auto part and car service maintenance platforms. The SDGs being focused on and tackled in these ideas are “Quality Education,” “Good Health and Well-Being” and “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” which are also some of the major aims and ethos behind SVL and our business model. 

SVL and Japan Hackathon were also honored to be working alongside partners including Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and the city of Kyoto who provided some very-much appreciated support and assistance. JETRO has been undergoing significant partnerships in locations such as Africa, to promote solutions through collaboration and business between the private sectors of Japan and Africa. One of the major aims and Sustainable Development Goals is to promote innovation by Japanese and African entrepreneurs/start-ups and provide business-based solutions to the social challenges in the African continent. 

Hopefully the various and diverse partnerships which SVL are involved with can grow from strength to strength for future events and projects.