What is ESG Logistics?

December 02 2021

We’ve talked before about the concept of ESG investing, in terms of the impact on capital allocation, but what does that mean in practice for logistics firms?

Timed with a recent advertisement campaign in the national Sankei Shimbun newspaper, we wanted to take the time to explain how ESG awareness (Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance Awareness, Investing, Management) is deeply embedded in the way we run our company.

In a broad sense, ESG describes our approach to respecting the environment and society in every action we take and every decision we make. That means management making decisions to promote, for example, the recruitment of a diverse workforce. Women and men should have the right to work as well as raising a family, so our employment policies are crafted to prioritise the employee’s needs and be family-first, helping to encourage women and men to join and flourish in our company. True equal opportunities for all and a meritocratic promotional environment is the beginning of a sustainable enterprise.

It also means ensuring we work with ESG-compliant supply chains, which requires self-reflection on our processes, not just those of our clients. For example, when we seek to procure new trucks to join our expanding fleet—be they DYNATEC-equipped delivery trucks, or recycling models—we place great emphasis on talking to the manufacturer to make sure we are working with suppliers who are also aligned with our own sustainability goals. This is the only way to ensure our own logistics services are ESG-compliant, and is itself another example of the self-fulfilling forces behind ESG and capital allocation itself. Where companies are doing good, we believe they will also do well! 

We hope you have a chance to pick up a newspaper copy and catch sight of our ad — so you too can think about the importance of ESG when it comes to both logistics and the greater good.