Trailblazing Trucks at SVL

March 29 2021

As we enter the cherry blossom season here in Japan, everyone at SVL is really excited about various upcoming projects and news that seem to be blooming too.

One of the biggest pieces of news is that we have just taken delivery of our brand-spanking new 10t Fuso truck. Outfitted by Japanese firm Toprec, which is a solid cold-chain supplier within the logistics industry, the new vehicle is joining SVL’s fleet of trucks which play an essential role in how SVL goes about its business. 

Powered by DYNATEC (Dynamic Precision Total Environmental Control Systems) our trucks offer precision temperature control with support for multiple temperature environments. This is perfect for transporting different goods with unique condition requirements, something which sets SVL apart from its competitors and resets the bar regarding logistics in Japan and globally.

The new trucks will be able to transport many different products with different storage needs simultaneously—including unused productwhich increases efficiency due to fewer empty trucks on the road. This not only contributes to CO2 reductions and lower greenhouse gas emissions but also lowers costs for our customers.

The efficient redistribution of unused product similarly reduces waste material and related emissions. At SVL, we are always striving to meet and incorporate the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) throughout our corporate conduct and aims. SVL is leading the way in a new business culture which sadly has been lacking in the logistics industry in Japan until now. We continue to strive to accelerate the adoption of SDGs in the logistics industry in Japan and globally.

Be sure to look out for our trucks on the roads of Tokyo and we hope you have a peaceful and enjoyable spring.