Creating a Supportive Environment for Our Employees

April 16 2024

We’ve talked before about how our beliefs and core values underpin many of our internal policies—like paternity leave, equal pay or zero tolerance for harassment. In our drive to improve sustainability awareness and adoption in our industry, we believe that firms that do the right thing and help promote positive societal and environmental change will ultimately succeed. This makes sense because a company that can motivate and support its workforce effectively will be able to both attract better, diverse talent but also see higher productivity across the board. 

Today we want to take a step back and let our team share their own personal experiences about what all this means in practice:

In this episode you’ll see:

  • How a supportive environment suits those returning from childcare
  • The impact that communication has on our client relationships 
  • How employees are motivated by efforts to support society and the environment.

Supporting sustainability

A supportive working environment can not just lead to more motivated employees, but also improve communication and exert a positive influence on client relationships. Whether it’s suppliers like Scania or end customers like Del Monte and McDonald’s, we try to make sure our network is aligned on our core mission so we know there are positive repercussions from our success and that, in turn, we can demonstrate how others are also succeeding by being sustainable.

Treating women with dignity and respect

For women returning to the workforce while raising children, we feel it is vital to place faith in their abilities and demonstrate possible career paths that respect what they can achieve. There are many cases of women in Japan who have directly or indirectly felt marginalized in the workplace and abandoned their career paths, leading to work less or stop work through no fault of their own. Diverse, female-friendly workplaces are vital for both society and the economy and, while we take pride that SVL is an equal-opportunity employer, we ultimately strive to achieve a tidal wave of positive change with regard to how Japan deals with this issue.