News from SVL

July 21 2024

Trailblazing Trucks at SVL

As we enter the cherry blossom season here in Japan, everyone at SVL is really excited about various upcoming projects and news that seem to be blooming too.

July 21 2024

Sustaining Sustainability in 2021

We’re well and truly into 2021 now and everyone at SVL is excited and energized for the year ahead. As you may know, sustainability is very much at the top of our agenda and company ethos. The aim of SVL, in fact, is to embody a fully sustainable business model with a focus on sustainable supply chains, sustainable logistics and sustainable ESG practices…

July 21 2024

Moving Forward: SVL’s Year of Expansion

Well, let’s begin with a huge thank you for supporting SVL last year. It proved to be a particularly transformative year for everyone with coronavirus having a huge effect on every industry and company around the globe. We’re happy to say, however, that SVL had a year of growth and expansion and that will continue this year, which is sure to be another important period for us…

July 21 2024

Happy New Year from SVL

From all of us at SVL, Happy New Year 2021! Thank you for all your support and encouragement in 2020! We look forward to a great year ahead…

July 21 2024

240,000 Driver Shortage by 2027 in Japan

At SVL we believe our business model is the way forward and why we continue to find the wind at our back. We push forward with initiatives to improve our efficiency and the efficiency of our partners globally. We are actively seeking and employ talent from across the globe providing key training and cultural integration initiatives…

July 21 2024

Welcome to the Future of Logistics

SVL is the future of the logistics business. I assure you that when you look at us and when you deal with us, you will know immediately that SVL is unlike any other. We believe the logistics business is on the cusp of a total transformation. We are leading that transformation…

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