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November 22 2021

Bringing Japan Out of the Fossil Age

On November 2, 2021, Japan—along with Norway and Australia—won the Fossil of the Day Award at the COP26 Convention. Unfortunately, Japan has been a regular “winner” of the satirical, shaming award given to countries who are “doing the most to achieve the least” in regards to climate change, according to Climate Action Network (CAN).

September 06 2021

How SVL is Beating Covid

Here at SVL, we are no stranger to the impact of Covid-19 to our business and our customers. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the short- and long-term changes that Covid-19 has wrought on the industry.

July 29 2021

A Look at the Heart of SVL

In our latest video release, hear what our co-founders Tatsuhiko Nakazawa and Glen Wood have to say about SVL, how we are revolutionizing the logistics industry and how people are at the center of our company and our corporate beliefs.

July 05 2021

Creating Bonds and Never Forgetting Your Roots

Families and kizuna, or bonds, are integral parts of many businesses in Japan. Some companies established hundreds of years ago still exist in the 21st century and the knowledge and expertise of running that business has been passed down through the generations.

June 02 2021

What SDGs Mean to SVL

It’s in any company’s self-interest to better protect the environment and the interests of society in order to remain successful. SVL actively promotes the adoption of ethical practices and strong corporate governance to assist our customers in achieving their goals.

May 07 2021

What We Mean When We Talk About SDGs

We speak a lot, here at SVL, about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For us, it’s not just a buzzword, it incorporates who we are as a company and our wish to be proactive in creating a better world for our employees, families, society and the world in which we live.

April 12 2021

Diversity and the Necessity of an Empowered Female Workforce

According to a recent report from CNN, Japan is stuck decades in the past when it comes to gender equality. Officials at The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) point to the fact that underutilizing women costs Japan about 550 billion dollars a year worth of GDP, which is holding the country back when it comes to social advancement and diversity.

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